Where can we find information about our town?

There are many sources of data you can use to track indicators. This tool helps you to locate reliable and consistent information. Sometimes, local organisations have collected data.  For example, how many families are looking for affordable housing?  This information may not be available online. Use your networks in the community to find out about local data.  At the same time, remember the tips about choosing a ‘good’ source.  See below.

How do I use this tool?

Click on a box in the diagram below. That links to data sources on basic and secondary indicators for the themes of interest. It shows a list of data sources.  There is an explanation of each source and a link to it. Follow the link to view the data. How to extract the data and organise into a spreadsheet with graphs is Tool #3.  

The thematic diagram of indicators that you see here is from Tool #1.  It is repeated here with links to a table showing data sources, data frequency, and a checklist to gauge reliability.



Last updated 16 February 2018
Last reviewed 12 November 2015
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