Past and present information about your community now charted.  It is time to start looking forward.

Some of the work is likely to have been done already.  Check for town or regional plans or community visions done by a chamber of commerce.

Here is a list and brief description of existing plans and visions for communities we studied in the Western Downs Region of Queensland, Australia.

This tool points you to existing community plans and priorities for future development.  It can help to identify aspects of a community that are agreed to be important.  It also helps in understanding the state-wide, regional, and town level forces, and preferences, driving for future development. 

What can plans tell us?

Regional plans, strategic plans, and land-use plans provide information about the assets (e.g., land, roads, commercially zoned areas) needed for sustainable growth.  Regional plans are usually developed by governments.  They are oriented to ensure efficient use of resources for maximum public benefit.  What counts as ‘public benefit’ may be debated, but public benefit is an agreed goal.

Community plans are meant to reflect the views of the local community as to what they value.  That is, what would promote ‘liveability’ in the future?  Such plans often focus on services, facilities, recreation, and arts.

How do I use this tool?

Seven steps to using the tool

  1. Open the table
  2. Choose the plan most relevant to your needs, use the explanations given.
  3. Click on the link provided
  4. Open the worksheet (for logged in users)
  5. Review the information
  6. Fill in the worksheet
  7. Connections with other tools.

The plans and visions listed below were collected in relation to development in Queensland.  They are an example of the array of plans that would be gathered for other regions.  

Basically, one looks at the town level, e.g., a chamber of commerce vision for the town or a researcher's profile of the town.  Then, look at the regional level - to see where the region is meant to be headed.  Plans at this level can also indicate the future of your target town.  Additionally, consider state plans and possibly national plans, as they can apply to the region and key towns in the region.   

Choose a plan

Last updated 16 February 2018
Last reviewed 12 November 2015
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